December 8, 2011

Morena clothing

Morena is unique, artful, cozy, sophisticated and made with authenticity. Its a been a couple of years since we have been able to host Marcy at SFM, but we finally snagged her and are glad to have her back!

As an art student, Marcy began creating recycled t-shirts as projects; with spray painted stencil collages and drawing imagery with her sewing machine. These projects evolved into deconstructive pieces that housed as sweaters from recycled, vintage sweaters, tweed jackets, lace, doilies, fur and memory trinkets as found objects to personalize each garment. 

Marcy's line grew into Morena - meaning mix of culture or milato in Spanish - a clothing label which gives name and shape to the conglomerated form of cultures she resonates strongly with. Morena represents the women of contemporary times, the sensual blend of nostalgia and the emotions of today’s' female warriors. Morena leaped off the island after becoming one of the three finalists for B.C. Fashion Week's Generation Next competition.  Her first line was created for Spring 2008, shortly thereafter. Morena is now carried in niche stores across Canada where 'handmade' is still sacred.

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