December 8, 2011

Loden Clothing

Charlotte Shea is the mastermind behind Loden Clothing which is a cut and sew clothing line from Victoria, B.C. Since 2007 they have been making visually beautiful clothing with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Focused on creating pieces that will last, not only in terms of durability - but remaining aesthetically timeless for seasons to come.  They create their own artwork and hand print all of our fabric in-house, allowing the use of exclusive patterns and creation of their own color palettes. This hand printed process also makes each garments one of a kind. With a focus on locally sourced premium fabric and quality components, Loden strives to create clothing that people feel a close connection to. Largely a women's wear line of fantastic bohemian chic garments, they also offer some stellar printed T's for guys too. This is their first showing with SFM and we are looking forward to seeing their full collection.

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