December 10, 2011

Frances Felt

Frances is a founding member of the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Collective. Her work is a strong fusion of her experiences traveling and a utilitarian fashion sensibility. Fashion and function are both equally strong elements in her designs leaving the wearer feeling strong and feminine at once. Just the way we like it, Ladies!

Pemberton textile designer Frances Dickinson’s true love is textile design. After years of traveling the globe and becoming enthralled with the cultural heritage of textiles, she studied at three different Canadian art schools over five years before getting her BFA in textile design from the Alberta College of Art and Design. In 2002, she returned home and opened her business designing fabrics to incorporate into her clothing and accessories.

Her clothes are fun and whimsical, inspired by colour, nature, process and material. Each garment is unique with collage-like detailing hand-picked by the designer. Most of her clothes are adjustable to make fitting all body types easy.

Frances Dickinson’s work has been featured in Toronto Life and Ion Magazine, as well as the Georgia Straight and the Vancouver Province. Frances Felt participates in The Circle Craft Christmas Show (Vancouver), is a founding member of The Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Shows (Vancouver) and has recently co-founded Crafty By Nature (Pemberton).

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