December 9, 2012

All that's warm and fuzzy

Adhesif Clothing Company

Melissa Ferreira, founder and principal Adhesif Clothing Company is a masterful upcycler of found material. All of her garments are made with vintage fabrics that provide each piece with unique qualities and can boast a sustainable material source. Impeccably constructed and tailored to flatter the curves, Adhesif clothing is made to make a statement. Find Melissa at SFM13 this weekend or afterwards at her boutique on Main Street, where she also represents and supports other local and indie brands.

Sans Soucie

Katherine continuously works towards developing new ways to modernize traditional textile techniques by producing textiles and clothing that are new and functional. she believes that reinventing pre-existing materials raises our sense of awareness, appreciation, and expresses our need for individuality. Her work with materials such as pantyhose, dryer sheets, reclaimed wool, and silk fibers has allowed for experimentation which has resulted in creating an extensive body of work over the years
Morena Clothing

Rebellious and sophisticated all at once. Morena clothing designer, Marcy Ross, uses a variety of approaches to building her garments. Pullover hoodies are constructed from upcycled garments, printed on randomly and finished with an applique of lace, fut and buttons. Slinky short dresses are made from new eco-materials such as bamboo. Skirts with sculptural tailoring are built to be as comfy as they are glamorous. You always make a statement when you are wearing Morena.

Funk Shui

Jessica de Haas sculpts with felt. First she dyes and makes the felt fabric out of wool and silk. A variety of techniques used on their own or in combo such as beading, applique, fabric inlay or free motion embroidery can be applied to embellish the surface. Her specialty item is hats and we are loving her new fedoras (!), but she also constructs amazing one-of-a-kind garments from her raw materials. After some time away from our show Jess returns for SFM 13 and is bringing the fuzzy!

December 8, 2012

For the Home

Known more for her men's tees and cheeky graphics which parody notions of Canadian identity, Identity Tees & Home will also be toting their home accessories collection this weekend at SFM13. Clever design is always our favorite. This time Meghan has taken her classic graphics and applied them to fabrics like old Hudson's Bay blankets to continue her visual commentary on what we value as Canadians. 

LU Prints is with us again offering up their awesome accessories for the kitchen. Patterns are designed and printed by Ulla Clark at her studio in Pemberton. Bragging rights include having had her product distributed by Indigo/Chapters recently. Her designs are always visually captivating and also play on icons of Canadian identity. We especially enjoy the snowshoe.

December 7, 2012

Dear Human : Partners in Art + Life

DEAR HUMAN is the collective studio of Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O'Connell. Very accomplished artists each in their own right, their work together goes beyond the scope of the functional object or product design, but it does not abandon these values either. Much of their focus these days is on public art projects. They are brilliant thinkers about how to transform space, interior or exterior, to provide an impactful experience on their audience that inspires optimism, joy and curiosity. This very focused intent behind their work is the perfect reflection of their union not only in art-making but as partners in life too. Their love story is one that inspires us all...but that story is for another post:)

The chosen medium is ceramics due to their extensive personal experience with the material, but they are not shy to venture into other mediums, including re-purposing objects and leftover industrial materials. Noel and Jasna have a network of other skilled professionals that they work with to bring their projects to fruition including architects, industrial designers and artists.

Most recently they unveiled a project that they have been working on for the better part of 2012 for VanCity Credit Union in Vancouver. Read more about this project entitled, Dinner with Neighbors, on their website, but here are some images of the project after it was installed.

Astrosatchel / Winterluxe

Janna Hurtzig is a self starter. Her brand, Astrosatchel, was born out of necessity but survives because of demand. Walk down any street of Vancouver and you will spot at least one hipster carrying an Astrosatchel bag. Each one is unique due to the never-ending variations of theme and color that she plays with. They are the quintessential west coast  accessory because they are waterproof, and vegan to boot!

Janna's other line of product further highlight her resourcefulness. Winterluxe is a line of upcycled cashmere accessories including scarves, mitts and hats. Definitely an A+ in the warm and fuzzy department!

Laura McKibbon / cul de sac design

Vancouver's own Laura McKibbon, original SFM member, is a courageous explorer of her chosen medium. In 2003 she was at the forefront of what has become a critical mass movement of printing on clay. She quickly became known for her simple forms and the graphic quality of her work. Today she has carved out a solid groove in the clay community as an innovator in process and design. The fact that she is largely self-taught is paramount to her ability to experiment and work by trial and error. She is not hindered by any kind of art school or master dogma.This is an enviable trait for those of us brainwashed in art school!

Laura divides her time between her home base here in Vancouver and other select [artist residency] destinations around the world. She was redesigning our website this fall and delegating organizational tasks from the comfort of her laptop in faraway places like Australia and Denmark while she was engaged in professional activities abroad. However she will be live and on site at SFM 13 this weekend. Come and ask her about her artistic adventures!

December 6, 2012

Strength in Numbers : Alberta's Liz Burritt and MIKIND

Elizabeth Burritt's work meets at the intersection of fine art + fine craft. Amazingly sensitive illustrations are used as surface design on modern ceramic forms providing her audience with something they have never seen before. That is not easy to do. We'd say this is a fully realized union of her background in editorial illustration and fine arts training in ceramics. Elizabeth lives and works in Medicine Hat, Alberta, which is humbly becoming a major hub for contemporary ceramics in Canada due to the revival and upgrade of the historic Medalta Potteries in that town.

Elizabeth Burritt Design

Jenn Demke-Lange of MIKIND Ceramics also hails from Medicine Hat, AB (did we mention that it is a hub for contemporary ceramics?). She is the full-time studio manager at the Medalta International Artists in Residence Program where "she is lucky to have her ceramic practice be continually inspired and flourish by the many artists filtering through the studio". She must not sleep much judging from how prolific she is in her personal work which meshes geometric patterns, vintage imagery and modern forms inspired by danish design. Totally functional and absolutely artistic, her work is undoubtedly minimal and magnificent in the humblest way.

MIKIND Ceramics
Now on their own these ladies already rock the ceramic socks off of us at SFM, but you must also check out their collaborative works. The old saying that there is strength in numbers couldn't be truer! It's a match made in ceramic heaven. And if you happened to be in Edmonton to catch their recent collaborative exhibition at the Alberta Craft Council then lucky lucky you! We can't wait to see their works in person this weekend at SFM13!

Collaborative work by Jenn Demke-Lange and Elizabeth Burritt


Luxurious locally made leather bags and accessories that are totally functional and practical but still look oh so good! Bronsino is the merging of Denise Wilson's fine art background in painting/printimaking with her tales of world travel and her respect for techniques of old. She works in limited editions with small batches of her specialty materials - some new and some upcycled. Absent from SFM for the last few years we are glad to have Denise back in attendance as she always draws a crowd with her fine product and lovely self.

Recently she collaborated with Adhesif Clothing Company at Vancouver Fashion Week. Check out how a Bronsino belt can be the perfect accent to an already delicious ensemble.

December 5, 2012

Flight Path Designs

The brainchild of Naomi Joy Yamamoto, Flight Path Designs specializes in what she dubs 'graphic leather goods'. This includes fashion accessories such as belts, earrings and pendants. Through a process of trial and error Naomi has come up with her own unique way of transferring invented and vintage imagery onto leather which yields some of the most interesting wardrobe accents around. With a background in Fine Arts specializing in textiles her work is distinguished by solid design choices and historical references.

If you can make it out to the SFM 13 show you may be lucky enough to meet Naomi's newest creation! Her son, Aki, will not even be a month old during the show! Thrilled to have her with us again and adding to that SFM family vibe.

All things Shiny!

The name of our show originated as a descriptive title of the media that we as a collective were working with. Shiny for jewellery, muddy for ceramics and fuzzy for textiles. Initially we were very focused on contemporary fine craft but have broadened our scope to include work that we consider at the forefront of independent Canadian art, craft and design.

This year we are featuring five jewellery artists with three of that five being new to our audience! This includes Kari Woo, SFM co-founder and original member, Caroline Miller who has shown with us for many years and our new friends Emma Bracefield, Checha Sokolovic of StudioChecha, and Daniel Nemeth of Heliotrope Jewellery Design. We'd like to introduce you to our newest artists first.

Studio based Vancouver jewellery designer Emma Bracefield is attracted to organic forms with fluid movement and asymmetrical balance. Refined and minimalist, her work is informed largely by nature. As a top notch designer who engages in lots of custom work great attention is given to comfort and fit without losing the integrity of her sculptural forms.

Originally hailing from the former Yugoslavia, Checha Sokolovic immigrated to Vancouver in 1994 and later settled in Seattle, WA to pursue a career in architecture and interior design. A long admirer of fine art jewellery, she has recently launched a line of her own, putting her architecture degree to use in creating wearable forms unexpected in scale and material. We can totally appreciate her transformation of skill and perspective into wearable forms and are excited to see her work in person!

Daniel Nemeth showed with us at our very first Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show in 2003. After spending the last few years raising his young family Daniel has recently returned to his craft. We couldn't be more thrilled about this as he is a talent that makes the world a better place! Inspired by architectural spaces, natural and man-made structures, his exquisite work combines traditional materials with the unexpected; paper, plexiglass, found plastics and puffballs. He is debuting his new line under the moniker Heliotrope Jewellery Design this weekend at SFM13.

Caroline Miller will be driving down the highway from her lovely mountain home of Squamish, B.C. to join us this weekend. A mother of two awesome and excitable young girls we are in awe of what this woman can get done creatively! Miller's work often incorporates parody to make statements about topics she finds interesting such as genetic cloning or trophy hunting. Her work also focuses on technical skills - formal silversmithing techniques that produce anticlastic forms and fabrication techniques that yield geometric shapes. 

Lastly, you will find kari woo art jewellery at the show. She will be featuring her Draw the Line Collection of sterling silver earrings, pendants and bracelets that are based on continuous line drawings and her Solid Ground Collection which offers her trademark silver reversible pendants and selection of one of a kind rings. Her work is largely informed by where the urban and the natural worlds intersect which can be seen in the contrasting elements in her designs. She's so happy to be traveling over the Rockies from her home in Canmore, AB to SFM13!

December 4, 2012

Don't Fear Mimosa is here!

These fun, colorful and modern designs are both affordable and ethically manufactured, so if you are a conscientious consumer who likes to support independent local business this brand is for you. Mimosa is a value based team of sisters - Ariel and our very own Vancouver based Holly Cruise. Though geographically separated, their vision for Mimosa is about celebrating the two most important bonds in life - home and family. 

Mimosa's screen printed items are printed only on high quality materials. They use 100% biodegradable pigments and eco-friendly water-based inks on 100% organic tees. Many of Mimosa's cards are printed on 100% cotton, tree-free paper. Designed in Canada, Made in the USA.

When Holly isn't busy fulfilling her shared vision for Mimosa she is a mother of two very active boys, hugely involved with Terminal City Glass - a recently established glass co-op in Vancouver and doing independent design work including graphics for the past many years for Shiny Fuzzy Muddy. The show just wouldn't be the same without her, so we welcome her back in all of her creative glory!