December 6, 2011

LUprints Homewares

LUprints designer, Ulla Clark, was introduced to Scandinavian textiles at a young age, growing up with a Swedish mother. On frequent family visits to Sweden and seeing her relatives’ homes adorned with collections of hand-embroidered and screen printed linens, her fondness for table runners and napkins blossomed. Ulla spent a decade working outside in the forest, often finding time for collecting and cataloguing plants and flowers and has always been drawn to the pleasing simplicity that nature provides. Her strong affection for nature as well as her memories of the beautiful, yet functional linens, are a constant inspiration for new products and prints.

A regular guest artist with the SFM show Ulla's work is always stable and strong. Striking color and good design make her prints both memorable and desirable. Practical, functional and visually pleasing. Marimekko eat your heart out!

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