December 5, 2011

BETA5 chocolates by Adam Chandler

A departure from our roster of media that we regularly represent BETA5 Chocolates is a welcome guest to this year's upcoming show! We love the love these edible creations are made with! They are so beautiful that it's hard to eat them, but once you start it is surely hard to stop!   
The form-5 beta crystal structure is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, formed through the controlled melting, and subsequent  cooling (tempering) of liquid chocolate. At BETA5 we are focused on making classically influenced chocolates and confections with a modern aesthetic. We are committed to using the best ingredients available to us – local first, and organic when it makes sense, but always free of pesticides and sprays. We support farmers and food that is produced on a smaller scale, and we choose chocolate with a paper trail that can be traced to its harvest. BETA5 chocolates are perfect for when you need to impress someone with a unique, handcrafted gift; when you’re throwing the party of a lifetime (we love creating custom treats, tailored specific to your event); when your personal stash is low; or, when you’re just looking to indulge.

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