December 6, 2012

Strength in Numbers : Alberta's Liz Burritt and MIKIND

Elizabeth Burritt's work meets at the intersection of fine art + fine craft. Amazingly sensitive illustrations are used as surface design on modern ceramic forms providing her audience with something they have never seen before. That is not easy to do. We'd say this is a fully realized union of her background in editorial illustration and fine arts training in ceramics. Elizabeth lives and works in Medicine Hat, Alberta, which is humbly becoming a major hub for contemporary ceramics in Canada due to the revival and upgrade of the historic Medalta Potteries in that town.

Elizabeth Burritt Design

Jenn Demke-Lange of MIKIND Ceramics also hails from Medicine Hat, AB (did we mention that it is a hub for contemporary ceramics?). She is the full-time studio manager at the Medalta International Artists in Residence Program where "she is lucky to have her ceramic practice be continually inspired and flourish by the many artists filtering through the studio". She must not sleep much judging from how prolific she is in her personal work which meshes geometric patterns, vintage imagery and modern forms inspired by danish design. Totally functional and absolutely artistic, her work is undoubtedly minimal and magnificent in the humblest way.

MIKIND Ceramics
Now on their own these ladies already rock the ceramic socks off of us at SFM, but you must also check out their collaborative works. The old saying that there is strength in numbers couldn't be truer! It's a match made in ceramic heaven. And if you happened to be in Edmonton to catch their recent collaborative exhibition at the Alberta Craft Council then lucky lucky you! We can't wait to see their works in person this weekend at SFM13!

Collaborative work by Jenn Demke-Lange and Elizabeth Burritt

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