December 9, 2012

All that's warm and fuzzy

Adhesif Clothing Company

Melissa Ferreira, founder and principal Adhesif Clothing Company is a masterful upcycler of found material. All of her garments are made with vintage fabrics that provide each piece with unique qualities and can boast a sustainable material source. Impeccably constructed and tailored to flatter the curves, Adhesif clothing is made to make a statement. Find Melissa at SFM13 this weekend or afterwards at her boutique on Main Street, where she also represents and supports other local and indie brands.

Sans Soucie

Katherine continuously works towards developing new ways to modernize traditional textile techniques by producing textiles and clothing that are new and functional. she believes that reinventing pre-existing materials raises our sense of awareness, appreciation, and expresses our need for individuality. Her work with materials such as pantyhose, dryer sheets, reclaimed wool, and silk fibers has allowed for experimentation which has resulted in creating an extensive body of work over the years
Morena Clothing

Rebellious and sophisticated all at once. Morena clothing designer, Marcy Ross, uses a variety of approaches to building her garments. Pullover hoodies are constructed from upcycled garments, printed on randomly and finished with an applique of lace, fut and buttons. Slinky short dresses are made from new eco-materials such as bamboo. Skirts with sculptural tailoring are built to be as comfy as they are glamorous. You always make a statement when you are wearing Morena.

Funk Shui

Jessica de Haas sculpts with felt. First she dyes and makes the felt fabric out of wool and silk. A variety of techniques used on their own or in combo such as beading, applique, fabric inlay or free motion embroidery can be applied to embellish the surface. Her specialty item is hats and we are loving her new fedoras (!), but she also constructs amazing one-of-a-kind garments from her raw materials. After some time away from our show Jess returns for SFM 13 and is bringing the fuzzy!

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