December 7, 2012

Laura McKibbon / cul de sac design

Vancouver's own Laura McKibbon, original SFM member, is a courageous explorer of her chosen medium. In 2003 she was at the forefront of what has become a critical mass movement of printing on clay. She quickly became known for her simple forms and the graphic quality of her work. Today she has carved out a solid groove in the clay community as an innovator in process and design. The fact that she is largely self-taught is paramount to her ability to experiment and work by trial and error. She is not hindered by any kind of art school or master dogma.This is an enviable trait for those of us brainwashed in art school!

Laura divides her time between her home base here in Vancouver and other select [artist residency] destinations around the world. She was redesigning our website this fall and delegating organizational tasks from the comfort of her laptop in faraway places like Australia and Denmark while she was engaged in professional activities abroad. However she will be live and on site at SFM 13 this weekend. Come and ask her about her artistic adventures!

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