December 5, 2012

All things Shiny!

The name of our show originated as a descriptive title of the media that we as a collective were working with. Shiny for jewellery, muddy for ceramics and fuzzy for textiles. Initially we were very focused on contemporary fine craft but have broadened our scope to include work that we consider at the forefront of independent Canadian art, craft and design.

This year we are featuring five jewellery artists with three of that five being new to our audience! This includes Kari Woo, SFM co-founder and original member, Caroline Miller who has shown with us for many years and our new friends Emma Bracefield, Checha Sokolovic of StudioChecha, and Daniel Nemeth of Heliotrope Jewellery Design. We'd like to introduce you to our newest artists first.

Studio based Vancouver jewellery designer Emma Bracefield is attracted to organic forms with fluid movement and asymmetrical balance. Refined and minimalist, her work is informed largely by nature. As a top notch designer who engages in lots of custom work great attention is given to comfort and fit without losing the integrity of her sculptural forms.

Originally hailing from the former Yugoslavia, Checha Sokolovic immigrated to Vancouver in 1994 and later settled in Seattle, WA to pursue a career in architecture and interior design. A long admirer of fine art jewellery, she has recently launched a line of her own, putting her architecture degree to use in creating wearable forms unexpected in scale and material. We can totally appreciate her transformation of skill and perspective into wearable forms and are excited to see her work in person!

Daniel Nemeth showed with us at our very first Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show in 2003. After spending the last few years raising his young family Daniel has recently returned to his craft. We couldn't be more thrilled about this as he is a talent that makes the world a better place! Inspired by architectural spaces, natural and man-made structures, his exquisite work combines traditional materials with the unexpected; paper, plexiglass, found plastics and puffballs. He is debuting his new line under the moniker Heliotrope Jewellery Design this weekend at SFM13.

Caroline Miller will be driving down the highway from her lovely mountain home of Squamish, B.C. to join us this weekend. A mother of two awesome and excitable young girls we are in awe of what this woman can get done creatively! Miller's work often incorporates parody to make statements about topics she finds interesting such as genetic cloning or trophy hunting. Her work also focuses on technical skills - formal silversmithing techniques that produce anticlastic forms and fabrication techniques that yield geometric shapes. 

Lastly, you will find kari woo art jewellery at the show. She will be featuring her Draw the Line Collection of sterling silver earrings, pendants and bracelets that are based on continuous line drawings and her Solid Ground Collection which offers her trademark silver reversible pendants and selection of one of a kind rings. Her work is largely informed by where the urban and the natural worlds intersect which can be seen in the contrasting elements in her designs. She's so happy to be traveling over the Rockies from her home in Canmore, AB to SFM13!

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