December 7, 2012

Dear Human : Partners in Art + Life

DEAR HUMAN is the collective studio of Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O'Connell. Very accomplished artists each in their own right, their work together goes beyond the scope of the functional object or product design, but it does not abandon these values either. Much of their focus these days is on public art projects. They are brilliant thinkers about how to transform space, interior or exterior, to provide an impactful experience on their audience that inspires optimism, joy and curiosity. This very focused intent behind their work is the perfect reflection of their union not only in art-making but as partners in life too. Their love story is one that inspires us all...but that story is for another post:)

The chosen medium is ceramics due to their extensive personal experience with the material, but they are not shy to venture into other mediums, including re-purposing objects and leftover industrial materials. Noel and Jasna have a network of other skilled professionals that they work with to bring their projects to fruition including architects, industrial designers and artists.

Most recently they unveiled a project that they have been working on for the better part of 2012 for VanCity Credit Union in Vancouver. Read more about this project entitled, Dinner with Neighbors, on their website, but here are some images of the project after it was installed.

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