December 6, 2010

These Grey Days

Ceramic Stump Stool by These Gray Days

Ceramic Tiles by These Gray Days

 These Gray Days is a small collective of active and exploratory minds based in Canada. The name of their collective, These Gray Days, represents the source of their inspiration—a constant reminder of the ongoing battle against monotony and complacency. They strive to be an unexpected brightness in these tedious gray days, wherever it may be needed. Whether it is objects for everyday use or large-scale outdoor installations, they approach each new project with a tender defiance to the expected and a goal of inspiring sudden joy in those who are trapped in the doldrums.

Anxiously anticipated at SFM is the debut of work by These Gray Days Collective. A powerhouse of creativity and clever ideas between Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O'Connell, their collaborative works are sure to make your mind move!

Not only are they working in ceramic, but have branched out into design-based initiatives such as their 'Reflector Tie' that garnered international attention in the 'seoul cycle design competition 2010' organized in collaboration with the seoul design foundation. To read more about their design click here.

Reflector Tie by These Gray Days

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