December 8, 2010

Double Trouble Design

Double Trouble Design is a studio created by two sisters inspired to create a collection of unique and stylish handcrafted products for the home.

The collaboration began with handcrafted gifts. With these homemade products garnering attention in the homes of family and friends, Kelly was encouraged and inspired to take things a step further. Through a mutual appreciation of each others talents and an interest in creating new products, a partnership naturally formed between Kelly and her sister, Karen. Double Trouble Design was born.

Kelly has been drawing since her early days on a Magnadoodle. At six years old, she wrote an advanced copy of her autobiography which included a career as a fashion designer. It’s no surprise that she has gone on to pursue a Diploma in both Graphic and Visual Design and Fashion Design. Loving music, art, photography and culture, she thrives on learning and exploring new ideas across many mediums, and applying this to a variety of projects. She has traded in her Magnadoodle for Photoshop and continues her explorations in product design.

Karen is a makeup artist with a Diploma in Makeup Artistry and is equally infatuated with fashion, design, and beautiful things for the home.

Double Trouble Design carries paper craft calendars, clocks, stationery and more. The studio based in Vancouver, Canada aims to make everyday items fun, beautiful, and functional.

For the first time this sister-duo is showing at the SFM show and we are anticipating a keen a positive response to their collaborative work and uniquely combined sensibilities! Come and check them out for yourself!

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