December 10, 2010

Laura McKibbon | cul de sac design

One of the founding members of the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy collective, Laura has been working in ceramics since 2003. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Laura McKibbon is largely a self-taught artist, with a background in science, printmaking and photography.  Her distinctive line of hand-built ceramics reflects a love of modern design, a dedication to craftsmanship and ultimately function. Idyll summers spent at the lake instilled a lifelong interest and reverence for nature, a theme that is largely present in her work. Her inspiration comes from the world around us - highlighting the unique personal experiences we have - in the hopes that this moment will resonate with others, and they will bring their own story into the work.

In addition to her production line Laura creates one of a kind work as well as limited series.  She continues to exhibit regularly and her work has been featured in several publications and international exhibitions, most recently in Gestalten's Fragiles: Porcelain, Ceramics and Glass presented at Al-Sabah Art & Design, Shaab, Kuwait.  She has also participated in several international artist residencies, and has just returned from Denmark, where she was an invited resident during the European Ceramic Context.

Laura's variety of creative activity continues to inspire her SFM peers and colleagues. We are always impressed with how successfully she is able to combine international travel with her art experiences. Maybe SFM will go on the road with her one day!

Laura in her studio flooding a screen in preparation to print on her ceramics.

Applying the 'foot' on a ceramic platter.

Applying the print to a ceramic dish.

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