December 3, 2010

Audra Neill

Audra is a graduate from the Alberta College of Art and she currently works as a buyer for the set decorating department in film and makes stuffes as well as indulging in her other artistic endeavors when she has time.  The movies she has worked on can be found on the IMDB website. Check it out as it is an impressive list!

Audra has been making a host of stuffed animals for many years.  Her stuffies are always evolving and no two are exactly the same.  All are handmade by Audra and can be found locally at Barefoot Contessa on Main Street and Commercial Street in Vancouver.  After working on the feature film Red Riding Hood, she gained a deeper appreciation for the handmade and has come up with some new art dolls as well as knitted scarves made from hand dyed wool.

Another good friend of the SFM show we are thrilled to see Audra back at Heritage Hall again this year. It's amazing to think that she has time to be creative with a film industry job but her new art dolls sound totally intriguing and we can't wait to see them!

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