November 24, 2010

Kudos to Media Sposor - Vancouver is Awesome!

Vancouver is Awesome has just offered to be a media sponsor for our upcoming SFM 11 show! Many greatly appreciated thank yous to Bob Kronbauer, Managing Editor + Executive Director and the crew at V.I.A.! Vancouver Is Awesome Inc is a community-based, incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to spreading a positive message about the city of Vancouver and the arts and culture within it. Founded, edited and maintained by folks who live in the city and who truly love Vancouver and the many communities it fosters, V.I.A. delivers lighthearted yet thoughtful news through their blog, Facebook, Twitter, and in their print annual as well as a weekly piece on 100.5 The Peak. They also work beyond the media, producing events and partnering with other organizations and companies and generally making Vancouver a better city for its citizens to enjoy. 

On Monday, Nov 22 they kicked off a donor drive supporting their organization. They've got over $7000 in raffle prizes to give away to their donors, and 60 support letters from different organizations and businesses they've worked with over the last year. Click here to read more about why it would be a good idea to support V.I.A. and to follow their fundraiser-ometer!

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