November 11, 2010

Hand & Shadow

We are happy to welcome Georgie and her creative expressions of found under the name of Hand & Shadow to the show this year. Her inspirations are intriguing and poignant and we look forward to seeing it all at SFM 11.

If you linger on the smallest details, have found and carried around a feather or bone, or saved your molars long after they were removed, you’re likely to fall for Georgie Russell’s Hand & Shadow.

Lace Tee by Hand & Shadow
The natural world in both it’s blossom and decay exist in tandem – drawing you closer than ever before to the neck of a howling beast or the cracks of a human skull.  There is a beauty revealed here. Teeth are mistaken for lace or pearls and hair flows and curls like fine ribbons.

The designs of Hand & Shadow pay attention to all the small things, not missing a stray hair or cracked tooth. All garments are printed by hand in East Vancouver.  This allows the uniqueness of each print to show in the variance of colour, texture and placement.  They are made in small volumes using sustainable, sweatshop free products where possible. The inks used are bleach based leaving each garment soft to the touch and will not crack or fade.

Georgie is a little bit scientist and a little bit seamstress in all that she makes.  Her work appreciates a beauty that is real and a little rough, even frightening at times, but all the while accessible in the beauty one can’t help but want to linger, just a little longer on.

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