November 28, 2013

10 Questions with Cathy Terepocki

Cathy Terepocki, Yarrow, BC. Artist and co-owner of Very Hush Hush, a converted 1964 Airstream trailer with Tracy Fillion (Dear Pony).

When did you start your art practice?
Graduated from Alberta College of Art in 2004. Started working as a full-time studio artist shortly thereafter.

What is your creative process like? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Found objects, colours, patterns, anything that possesses incidental beauty; that allows anyone to conceive of a narrative or evokes unintended meaning. For example: a piece of clothing or an old chair that has been repeatedly mended. In my creative process, I am adding different colour, print, or texture at different stages in the process to try an capture this similar aesthetic. That is why I fire each piece four separate times.

How has your art practice evolved over the years?

My practice evolves with life circumstances. Since graduation I have lived in three provinces, have had six different studios, and have had three children. Each change affects my process, mostly for the positive. Although I work primarily in production, and therefore try maintain a modicum of continuity, these variants are often subtly detectable in my work. 

Describe what you will be bringing to SFM this year.
I will be bringing printed dishes and jewelry. What I am most excited about this year is the development of some new work, using found objects combined with printed clay.

How man years have you participated in SFM?
This is my first year.

What's new for this year at SFM? 
Printed dishes and jewelry.

What's your favourite thing about the SFM show?
It is a good group of people that I have worked with in the past. Also a good opportunity to connect with the local craft community, as we have only recently moved to the Lower Mainland.

Who are your favourite artists?
Hella Jongerius. I also think my kids are pretty great artists (but I might be biased)

What are you listening to in your studio?
CBC Radio One in the morning; Songza in the afternoon.

What other creative outlets do you enjoy?
Baking with my kids, knitting (on road trips only), and if I had a bit of extra time I'd sew more.

Instagram: cterepocki

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