November 3, 2012

riyoko urban bikewear

A mash-up of her life long love for fashion and her ethical values regarding sustainability, Kristi Woo's design priorities with riyoko urban bikewear are two-fold : to feel comfortable and to look good on your bike. We think she's done a great job! Best of all she designs specifically for women in the urban environment [thank you!!!].

Tights on display at Interbike (industry tradeshow)
With a background in fashion design from Canada's Ryerson Polytechnic University + years of travel experience she has a uniquely sharp sensibility when it comes to designing for versatility and movement. In any of her clothes you can do your daily commute across town and go straight into a business meeting or a social with friends. No more going to the bathroom to peel off your lycra tights and fluorescent nylon jacket to exchange it for the right outfit!

riyoko urban bikewear is consistently at the front edge of trends in the realm of fashion meets function which has garnered attention from leading design communities in San Franciso, New York and Portland. SFM is happy to host riyoko in their official Vancouver debut where you can come see the genius designs for yourself! !

Arm warmers!!!

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