November 19, 2012


The best of art, craft and design can be witnessed in Heather Braun-Dahl's ceramic work. With a fine art background and an equally strong talent in painting as in clay one can see the influence of abstract and the Bauhaus art and architecture movement from the 1920's.  Heather says, 'dahlhaus strives to connect art to life in both a practical and conceptual way'.
We are impressed with her ability to do so and we are definitely not the only ones.

Dahlhaus ceramics are regularly featured in prominent design mags. Big stores who often seek out the talent of independent artists such as Anthropologie and most recently West Elm in Vancouver have also picked up on Heather's palette of vibrant color and geometric tendencies. It is a real skill to be able to work at this level of production and maintain your artistic integrity so we take our hat off to Dahlhaus for making it work and for continuing to make her work!

We are so looking forward to seeing her return to SFM's Lucky #13 show!

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