November 2, 2009

Little Known Facts

*Shiny Fuzzy Muddy was named for the media it aimed to represent (shiny jewels, fuzzy fabric, muddy clay) and though still adequate, the name may not completely encompass all the amazing work and intersections of materials that one can witness at our shows!*

*Our first show was in Dec 2003. Contrary to the number 10 attached to our upcoming show we are not quite 10 years old. From 2004 - 2006 we held shows semi-annually in the spring and winter. The upcoming SFM 10 show will be our 7th winter show :)*

*We started in a small space - the common room in a condo complex - but outgrew that space after about 3 years. We rented a space in TinselTown one year for the winter show and moved to the Video In Studio (VIVO) on Main Street the following year where we remained until our Big Break this year! A window of opportunity opened up to us while we were on the hunt for a new space earlier in this year - a cancellation at a Main Street architectural icon ... our 10th and largest show to date will be held in Heritage Hall this year with 24 magnificent makers, designer and artists presenting what they do best!*

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