November 22, 2009

East Side Culture Crawl

If you haven't been out for the best art stroll (or marathon!!!) of the year in Vancouver, then you should go out today! Visiting artists in their working environments can provide such a greater understanding of their work and sources of inspiration. Many of the SFM artists are participating in the Crawl including ...

Arleigh Wood
Laura McKibbon | cul de sac design
Janna Hurtzig | Astrosatchel
Denise Wilson | Bronsino Design
Amy Stewart | Olie Designs
Clarie Madill | heyday designs
Jenefer Pleadwell | 1000 Flowers
Naomi Yamamoto | Flightpath Designs
Lincoln Heller | FiveLeft
Heather Braun-Dahl | Dalhaus

Scroll down the page and find artists links on the right side! See ya on the Eastside!!!

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