August 6, 2013

Ten Questions with Claire Madill

This go round for Ten Questions, we meet Claire Madill of Heyday Design, whose work we look forward to seeing again at Shiny Fuzzy Muddy 14.

I started heyday design in late 2008 and launched my work  / brand / website / self at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2009 and it's where I got my very first store, MADE.
I like bicycling in the city and hiking in the mountains and watching bird dramas wherever they unfold.  I often find myself having the same arguments with friends:  "No, YOU'RE the BEST!".  I call them nice fights.  The cage-match of nice fighting is when we fight over who gets to wash all the camp dishes after a meal:  "NO, it's MY turn! YOU just made that DELICIOUS MEAL!"  And then we fight over who is the nice fight champion:  "No, YOU ARE!"

When did you start your art practice?
I moved into my current studio right after I graduated from Emily Carr in 2007 and got down to work!

What is your creative process like? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I get a lot of inspiration from the patterns I find on vintage glass objects -- I love seeing patterns in the negative of the mold, and I love the subtleties of light and shadow when patterns are rendered in clay.

How has your art practice evolved over the years?
I've developed two different lines of work (decor objects and jewellery) and I'm quicker to jump into mold-making projects so I can get to the fun stuff faster.

Describe what you make. (medium, materials)
I make plaster molds of objects / patterns.  I sometimes make a mess.
My line of decor objects includes vintage canning jars, vessels made from crushed aluminum cans and plastic take-out tubs; for these, I use a liquid porcelain slipcasting technique.
My line of jewellery consists of geometric shapes in white or black porcelain, featuring spare, asymmetrical glaze spots and sometimes a pop of gold or platinum lustre for subtle drama. I use porcelain clay and make everything by hand.
My favourite tool is my exacto knife!

How many years have you participated in SFM?
Since 2009! Yay!

What's new for this year's SFM? 
New earring designs -- I'm really into a multi-dimensional 'crystal' pattern I discovered on a vintage lamp base! 

What's your favourite part about the SFM show?
The room is full of amazing artists, incredible work, and people get to stop by for free and check it out!

Who are your favourite artists? 
jewellery: caroline miller
sculpture:  christopher donnelly
painting:  jess groome
photographer:  edward burtynsky

What are you listening to in the studio? 
CITR:  Duncan's Donuts
Songza's 'Artists' Record Collections'
This American Life

What other creative outlets do you enjoy?
making delicious cocktails for friends
innovating new awkward dance moves 
digging around in second hand stores and making up stories about the things i find
pulling out the tickle trunk and suddenly everyone has a costume for the party

claire madill
heyday design

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