October 31, 2011

These Gray Days

We are so happy to have the collective brightness of 'These Gray Days' back at SFM! Their work is simultaneously whimsical and poignant, cleverly using humor to bring their audience's attention to the beautiful subtleties in daily life that can easily be overlooked. In the past few years Jasna and Noel have been participants in a number of prestigious artist's residencies including one at the Banff Centre and most recently the Medalta International Artist's in Residence Program in Medicine Hat's Historic Clay District. Earlier this year also marked another success - a commission for the new Anthropologie store in Vancouver. Come and see their lovely work for yourself!

These Gray Days is the collective name of artists Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell. The name These Gray Days represents the source of their inspiration—a constant reminder of the ongoing battle against monotony and complacency. They strive to be an unexpected brightness in these tedious gray days, wherever it may be needed. Whether it is objects for everyday use or large-scale outdoor installations, they approach each new project with a tender defiance to the expected and a goal of inspiring sudden joy in those who are trapped in the doldrums.

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