September 20, 2010

Our Process

We often receive inquiries about how to become part of our annual show + sale. Our process is not typical of many art + craft fairs in that we generally invite other artists/makers to join us, rather than to apply to the show. The exception was last year when we finally landed a reserved date at the Heritage Hall which doubled the number of folks we were able to accommodate in the event. At that time we put a call out for applications. While this was a good process to go through we found that it was just too much work for us!

There are five core members of our collective and we all share the responsibilities and duties of organizing the show and curating the collection of super talented people and work that makes our show so great each year! To find out more about our collective's history look to the right on your screen and find the 'about us' blurb.

We always love seeing new work, so if we don't know yours and you are interested in introducing yours to us please, send us an email at!

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