December 11, 2009

Mark Pilon

Mark "Atomos" Pilon was born under the Northern Lights, in Canada's mysterious north. Perhaps it's a childhood dwarfed by the aurora borealis that made him seek out his alias. After graduating from art school, Mark was researching an art project when he stumbled across a Walt Disney book called "Our Friend the ATOM". The Greek name Atomos leapt out at him. "It means indivisible, or the smallest possible object," Mark explains. "Mystery and science are a good working combination."

Mark earned his Advertising Arts diploma at Winnipeg’s Red River College in 1989, and then attended Emily Carr College of Art & Design, to pursue his dream as a painter and illustrator. He left Emily Carr in 1992 to work for Discorder Magazine, honed his skills as an artist and graphic designer, and spent three of his six years there as Art Director. He departed Discorder in 1996 to join the Georgia Straight as a designer and illustrator, and today he the renowned publication’s Senior Designer. Meanwhile, he continues to illustrate for magazines worldwide and shows in galleries across North America.

Every aspect of his art is carefully computer drawn and then meticulously painted in acrylic layers, to give them a sharp, print-like synthetic quality. His paintings are a natural transition from his editorial illustrations. Mark’s paintings grew out of his love of underground comics, space-age record jackets, scooter culture, and moog music. His latest works reflect a post-pop conviction with an inking of surrealism and cast aside logic to reveal slices of modern images that are projected from dark holes into a dreamy multi-color world.

“I enjoy building my own worlds. I pull most of my imagery from my own personal sleeping dreams so you can say each dream is expertly captured and placed under glass for the viewer’s inspection.”

Some of Mark’s recent clients include:
The Georgia Straight, The Globe & Mail, Circle Productions, The Sierra Club, Wired, Scoot Quarterly, IKEA, Virgin Records, Home Maker Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, BC Business, Random House, Intrawest, Motor Trend Classic, AQ Magazine, OC Weekly, Mint Records, DDB Chicago, Walgreens.

Mark exhibits at:
La Luz de Jesus - Los Angles, MModern Gallery - Palm Springs, Roq la Rue - Seattle, DC Gallery - Denver, Dva - Chicago, Swizzle - Toronto, Shooting Gallery - San Francisco, Moon Base - Vancouver, Lunar Boy Gallery - Astoria, Harold Golen Gallery - Miami, Rotofugi - Chicago, Orbit Gallery - New York.

In 2006, Mark received the “Best Illustration Feature” award for “Running On Empty” at the WMA’s 24th Annual Awards Ceremony.

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